Even though you may be staying at home to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the following are things you can do to help our Democratic efforts:

Complete Your Census Form

Complete your census form, and encourage all your neighbors and friends to complete the Census. It is essential to get accurate numbers for social services and government funding and representation for our SouthShore Community. 

The Hispanic community in particular has been undercounted in the past because of concerns about confidentiality.  The Hispanic Services Council of Tampa can be contacted to discuss this at 813-936-7700.  See poster below.

Phone Bank from Home - Help Get Out the Vote

You can contact Democratic voters from the comfort of your own home on your schedule. You just need a phone and an internet connection. Opportunities available DAILY from 10am-8pm.


We have a lot of opportunites for you to help.  You can help on an ongoing basis doing things such as helping to get out the vote by canvassing fellow democrats or phone banking, entering data in a computer, helping to set up club events. Fill out the contact form on this website or see one of the club board members at our monthly meetings for more information.


Sign and Mail Candidate Petitions

Several candidates have posted online versions of their ballot petitions, just print, fill-out, mail back.Let's make sure they get on the ballot. 

Amanda Linton, Candidate for FL Senate District 21


Julie Jenkins, Candidate for FL House District 60


Volunteers canvassing Margaret Good ballot petition signatures, Ruskin, January 2020

In addition, there are some one-time opportunities.  Events such as marches, demonstrations, voter registration, and candidate fundraisers are listed on our events page.  

Listed below are current calls to action and other initiatives.


Do You Want to Help Influence

What Happens in This Country?

Get Involved!