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Visit Us at the South Shore Democratic Club Table


E.G. Simmons Park 
2401 19th Avenue NW
Ruskin, FL. 33572

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Dec. 2 - 3

Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday 11am to 5pm 

Pictures from Previous Festivals

South Shore Democratic Club Holiday Party
Thursday, Dec. 7, 2023
1:00 PM - 3:30 PM
In Person
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Come schmooze with us at our annual Holiday Party. Meet Democratic candidates and elected officials.  Light refreshments will be served.

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church Social Hall

1239 Del Webb Blvd. West

Sun City Center, Fl 33573

Registration is optional, but we encourage you to register, so we will know to expect you. 

President's Message - Nov., 2023 

October has been a very difficult month. The heinous massacre on October 7th carried out by Hamas on innocent men, women and children in Israel once again brought to light the evil and hatred that exists in our world.  Innocent Palestinians seem to be caught in the middle and are also victims. Continued war brings more death and destruction while spreading the seeds of hatred.  We need solutions, not war…if that is possible.  

Domestically, the GOP has finally – after three weeks of failure – voted on a Speaker of the House of Representatives:  Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana.  Speaker Johnson is a member of the extreme right wing MAGA faction of the Republican Party and also a vehement election denier.  He is opposed to reproductive rights, gay marriage, voter rights, aid to Ukraine…need we go on?  Will he support raising the debt ceiling to avoid a potentially catastrophic government shutdown?  We are in for a potentially rough ride. 

The 2024 Election will be a referendum on whether Democracy will survive. That is why your efforts have never been more needed.    Our committed membership of 265 (and still growing) Shore Democrats will be knocking on doors, campaigning, phone banking, writing letters  – whatever it takes to win!

At our November 2nd meeting we will:

  • Distribute petitions to sign for reproductive rights and clean water.

  • Discuss VBM digital registration

  • Accept new memberships and renewals for 2024. (We have not raised our membership dues for some time; due to rising costs our annual membership fee will increase by only $5.00 to $25.00 from our current fee of $20.00.)

Finally, don't forget about the "Koolest Pet Contest"! Click here for complete information.

Recommended Reading

Pequel by Rachel Maddow  - available on Amazon and Audible

"Rachel Maddow offers a chilling history lesson — and hope for today

In her new book, ‘Prequel,’ Maddow looks at a past moment of crisis that might help us understand both the threats we face today and how we can endure them"  

Review by Kathleen Belew October 17, 2023 at 3:30 p.m. EDT, Washington Post

Read 'Here is how we save American democracy'
by Robert Reich 

This article is a MUST READ!

"The next 14 months will be critical to the survival of the American system of democracy, and that individual action is essential."

View an extremely timely documentary by PBS / NPR

Listen to the Podcast Rachel Maddow Presents: Déjà News

Long before Governor Ron DeSantis declared a new war on wokeness, Florida lawmakers in the 1950s and 60s tried going after the NAACP, suspected communists and gay people in Florida schools and universities. The lawmakers upended life for countless numbers of their fellow Floridians before being upended themselves by their own zeal for the cause. Now that DeSantis is bringing this playbook to a presidential campaign, Rachel Maddow and Isaac-Davy Aronson ask what we can learn from the last time Florida went down this path.Apple Podcasts Preview

If you need help joining our FB group, please contact us and our FB Admin will get back to you.


Save Democracy.

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South Shore Democratic Club Nov., 2023 Monthly Meeting    


The Board of Directors of the Hillsborough County South Shore Democratic Club endorses the following statement by our parent body, the Florida Democratic Party.


Following news of Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel, the Florida Democratic Party made the following statement: 

“I am deeply shaken and saddened by the news of Hamas attacks from Gaza killing hundreds of Israeli citizens and wounding many more. My prayers are with the families who have lost loved ones in this invasion,” said FDP Chair Nikki Fried.

“This unprovoked and unprecedented attack on Israel is an act of terrorism that must be condemned by every nation around the world. We stand with Israel and support its right to self-defense.”

Please take a moment to view this extremely important message from the Hillsborough County Democratic Party

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