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There is a new survey every Monday.
The results of previous surveys appear below.

Survey Results week of 11/13/23

Do you think Congress can agree on a funding bill by Nov. 17th,  avoiding  a Government shutdown?

No: 34%

Yes: 44%

Not sure: 22%

Top Comments:

"No - There doesn't seem to be any ability or desire on the part of republicans to stop the right wing's march toward fascism and chaos."

"Not sure - I have no confidence or trust in the new Speaker of the House."

Survey Week of Nov. 27, 2023

There appears to be a new trend in non-partisan school board elections nationwide, electing candidates were either endorsed by Democrats or not endorsed by either political party.

"As the country’s schools and the boards that govern them find themselves at the center of acrimonious political battles, Tuesday’s elections demonstrated a backlash to school boards that had flipped to conservative control in recent years. With both parties now paying more attention to school board races, the Nov. 7 elections kicked off a new era in a political battle over K-12 schools." - Education Week, Nov, 2023

Related articles and websites: 

USA Today, Nov. 23, 2023 School board election results offer rebuke of local culture warriors (

Tampa Bay Times:  Hillsborough school board elects new chairperson, approves 4 principals: Second-term member Karen Perez will preside for the coming year.

Related video:

PBS Nov. 8, 2023

Why school board elections are garnering national attention

School board elections have become a new battleground in American politics, with typically non-partisan races becoming increasingly polarized and garnering national attention. That was true in this week's election among a few closely watched counties. Julie Marsh, a professor of education policy at the University of Southern California, joins Geoff Bennett to discuss.

Do you think Fl will follow the recent trend of school election results nationwide and begin to elect more candidates that are NOT endorsed by Republicans?

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