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Survey Week of Mar. 04, 2024

The Florida House have stalled a bill set to go on the floor for a vote to that they say is to  'protect the rights of a unborn child'


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Florida Republicans run scared from 'unborn child' bill after backlash to Alabama ruling (

Florida Republicans run scared from 'unborn child' bill after backlash to Alabama ruling

Story by Matthew Chapman- Republicans in Florida were set to pass an "unborn child" bill further eroding women's rights in the state — but after national outcry over a far-right decision in Alabama that effectively outlawed in vitro fertilization, they are slamming the brakes.

Florida’s unborn child wrongful death bill appears stalled ( 

Florida’s unborn child wrongful death bill appears stalled

Story by Romy Ellenbogen, Tampa Bay Times A Florida bill that would let parents receive financial damages for the wrongful death of unborn children appears stalled in the Legislature with about two weeks left before the end of the legislative session.

Abortion rights supporters had raised concerns that the bill could erode abortion access by giving fetuses more rights.

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Stalled Florida bill about 'unborn children' raises concerns about impact on IVF and abortion

10 Tampa Bay Mar 1, 2024

The future of I.V.F. in Florida remains in limbo after two closely-watched decisions across the country. 

Do you think the backlash from the Alabama ruling that frozen embryos are legally considered children will be great enough to put an end to Republican efforts to further limit women's reproductive rights in Florida?

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Survey Results week of 02/05/2024

Do you think the findings in the Special Council’s report on Biden’s handling of classified documents will sway a significant number of left leaning NPAs to vote for Trump in 2024? 


No: 71%

Not sure: 14%

Yes: 14%

Top Comments:

"No -  The GOP controlled house is not capable of or interested in legislating. This will not change while they have a majority “


"No -  There are 10 months before the election.  At the moment it looks bad but Trump doesn’t has so many worse issues.  We have to remain positive and empathize all that Biden has accomplished and the alternative.  Democracy or Tyranny!!!!! “


"No -  The age issue regarding both candidates is at the forefront at the moment. “


"No -  Report will be in the rear view mirror by election day.  Trump's trials will be front and center. “



"No -  For those who are paying attention, seeing more reports how many GOP have lied about their accusations about Biden and getting caught. “


"No -  If they are left leaning, they will not vote for DT. “


“No - I think people by now already know who they are voting for.  Trump is so obnoxious and offensive that anyone in the right mind will not vote for him -- only his MAGA friends and billionaires who want more tax cuts.”


"Not sure - It's on Fox news 24/7."


"Not sure – Voters, in both parties want choices in their primaries. Neither party seems to want to give the voters choices.

I predict the Democrats will lose because we don’t have choices of electable candidates. Time to pass the torch to a younger generation. 86% of voters believe Biden should graciously step aside. He did a great job in his first term but the people rarely hear about these legislative successes . Shame on the VP and all Cabinet Members that aren’t telling the public about these achievements. “



"Yes - What he did was just plain wrong!"


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