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Upcoming Events   

Upcoming South Shore Democratic Club and Hillsborough County Democratic Party Events

This Month in History   

America's First All-Black Military Unit | Black American Heroes - History Channel

Feb 2, 2023 #BlackPatriots

The incredible story of the Nations' first all-Black peacetime regiments who fought to expand America's presence in the West, protect the National Parks, and defend the U.S. on foreign soil.

Activities of General Interest to our Members

Preventing Alzheimer’s with Cognitive Training

Karen Clay, who was our Aug, 2023 guest speaker, is a participant in a study that may be of interest to our members. 

Just click on the and all the information is there. To opt into the study, a person would need to call  (813) 974-6703

Participation is free unlike so many programs out there that co$t $$$.

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