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Vote by Mail


Join us at the next meeting of the South Shore Democratic club to explore issues and listen to an informative guest speaker.

There are so many vital issues that we, as Democrats, care deeply about. Sometime, changing the status quo can seem overwhelming and we doubt what we can do to change just about anything.

But change begins at the local level. Our local government -  the Florida State Legislators, the mayors, the school boards, the State courts, and every other local entity, all work to affect every issue we care about. When local Democratic candidates win, they can pass laws that further the issues we care about. but to effectively do so, there needs  a Democratic Majority in local government.

The South Shore Democratic Club works actively to support our Democratic Candidates on the local level through our volunteers and we inform about important issues that affect our everyday lives.

Featured Issues

Fake: Searching for Truth in the Age of Misinformation by PBS / NPR

This timely documentary explores how and why misinformation spreads, and how to be a smarter information consumer in our increasingly digital world.

Aired: 02/13/20

Rating: TV-G

 The Far Right Take-over of Florida Schools

Nov. 8, 2022 School Board Elections


  • School Board elections are traditionally nonpartisan but DeSantis  endorsed  consevative school board members, All six school board members endorsed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, a total of 24 board members out of 30 local education candidates DeSantis backed this year.

  • National conservative groups poured money into local school board races. For example, the conservatiove1776 Project PAC endorsed more than 100 school board candidates in a number of states, including Florida.

  • Far-right group Moms for Liberty poised to clash with teachers unions over school board races nationwide.

Vote by Mail

Supervisor of Elections

Phone: (813) 612-4180


Did you know that Florida State, with a Republican majority of elected officials and a Republican Governor, recently passed a law that requires every voter who wants to vote by mail to enroll, even if that voter has already enrolled in the past? 

 LGBTQ+ Rights

June is Pride Month

Numerous bills affecting the LGBTQ+ community pass the Florida House

"The bills are part of a broader wave of Republican-led states pushing measures that take aim at LGBTQ+ issues."

-Tampa Bay Times, April 19,2023

  • Bathroom use restrictions.

  • A crackdown on treatment for transgender minors.

  • Stiff penalties for venues that admit children into “sexual” performances.



  • The Supreme Court makes a landmark decision in the case of Roe V. Wade on January 22, 1973, legalizing Abortion across the US.

  • The Supreme Court Overturns Roe V. Wade, on June 24, 2022 holding that there is no longer a federal constitutional right to an abortion.

  • Each state is now free to pass laws restriction abortions.

  • Florida passes a new law, the 'Heartbeat law' banning abortions after 6 weeks.

Some of the Issues  South Shore Democratic Club Members Care About

  • Vote by Mail

  • Misinformation

  • LGBTQ+ Rights

  • Reproductive Rights

  • Early Voting

  • Voter Apathy

  • Anti-Semitism

  • Ukraine

  • Domestic Terrorism

  • School Book Banning

  • Public Schools

  • School Board Elections

  • Environment

  • Gun Control

  • Ex-Felon Right to Vote

  • Diversity Equity

  • Inclusion

  • Racism

  • Anti-Immigrant Law. Criminalizes businesses who employ immigrant workers, threatens deportation and forces families to flee Florida.

  • Permitless Carry. Makes it easier to carry a loaded gun in public without a permit or background check.

  • Abortion Ban. Bans abortion after 6 weeks with unworkable exceptions, requires two in-person appointments before being eligible for care.

  • Don't Say Gay Expansion. Promotes book bans, limits curriculum and prohibits use of preferred pronouns in schools.

  • Death Penalty. Reduces the threshold for the death penalty from unanimous vote to 8 out of 12 jurors.

  • Rent Control Ban. Loosens regulations on rent increases, caps on security deposits and lease terminations.

  • Operating on Religion. Gives doctor's license to deny life-saving care on the basis of religious beliefs.

  • Concealing Corruption. Changes Sunshine Laws to allow Governor DeSantis to avoid public disclosure and hide travel records.

  • Censoring Academic Freedom. Silences educators and stops public colleges and universities from using public funds for diversity, equity and inclusion programs.

  • Union Busting. Targets public workers and cripples unions, stops union fees from being deducted from pay checks.

Bad Florida Bills Going into Effect

The Board of Directors of the Hillsborough County South Shore Democratic Club endorses the following statement by our parent body, the Florida Democratic Party.


Following news of Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel, the Florida Democratic Party made the following statement: 

“I am deeply shaken and saddened by the news of Hamas attacks from Gaza killing hundreds of Israeli citizens and wounding many more. My prayers are with the families who have lost loved ones in this invasion,” said FDP Chair Nikki Fried.

“This unprovoked and unprecedented attack on Israel is an act of terrorism that must be condemned by every nation around the world. We stand with Israel and support its right to self-defense.”

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