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Photo Gallery 

Monthly Meeting with the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, HCDEC Chair and Candidates  - June 6, 2024    

South Shore Dems Canvassed in Wimamua on June 1, 2024

Some of our Members were at the Wimauma Meet and Greet


South Shore Democratic Club Members Discuss the Reproductive Rights Amendment at Leadership Blue on May 4, 2024  

Monthly Meeting with Enterprising Latinas, - Vanessa Lester and Candidates  - May 2, 2024    

President Biden Visited Tampa on Tues., Apr. 23

South Shore Democratic Club Members were There to Greet Him! 

Monthly Meeting with Deputy Merry  & Sean Shaw- Apr. 4th, 2024    


Monthly Meeting with Humaira Afzal & Training Team - Mar. 7th, 2024    

Monthly Meeting with Guest Speaker Gloria Ladson-Billings - Feb. 1th, 2024    

Monthly Meeting with Guest Speaker Amy Weintraub - Jan. 4th, 2024    

South Shore Volunteers for Canvassing the 'Woman's Healthcare  - Abortion Rights Petition' 

South Shore Democratic Club Nov., 2023 Monthly Meeting    


Anna Eskamani at the Valencia Lakes Friends of Democracy Event on Oct. 1, 2023 

SSDC Members at the Kennedy King Dinner Sept. 23, 2023 

South Shore Democratic Club Sept., 2023 Monthly Meeting    

Rocky Brancato, Chief Operations Officer of the Hillsborough County Public Defends Office, speaks at the SSDC Sept. Monthly meeting.

South Shore Democratic Club Sept., 2023 Monthly Meeting    

South Shore Democratic Club August, 2023 Monthly Meeting    

Aug Meeting pic.jpg

Karen Clay speaks about Medicaid and Medicare in Florida.

South Shore Members in Action 

South Shore Democratic Club and East Hillsborough Democratic Club Members at the Fourth of July Parade in Brandon   

fourth of July Parade.jpg

Volunteer Appreciation Party

June 3, 2023

jum 3 vol pic.jpg

Voter Registration at Hillsborough Community College

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