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Debbie Anderson - Member

A graduate of Wesleyan University, Debbie’s career as a Union Organizer began in 1973. She worked in CT, then CA and ultimately throughout the US and Canada. For the last fifteen years she directed her Union’s International Affairs/Global Strategies Department. She calls it ‘the dream job’, getting to work with Unions and social justice groups around the world. 

She served as a global Vice President of the IUF, a global Union federation based in Switzerland. The IUF represents over 400 Unions in 126 countries and pioneered Global Compacts with numerous global corporations to address both human rights and trade Union rights for their workers. She was also a US delegate to numerous conferences of the International Labor Organization, the arm of the United Nations dealing with workers and workers’ rights. 

After retiring, she became politically active in Hillsborough County. Starting in 2017 she worked closely with the former SSDC president, began to recruit and train other volunteers to register voters, canvass and make calls for candidates, sign people up for Vote By Mail and most importantly, to get out the vote.  During this period she became the Volunteer Coordinator in the southern part of the county. She is also a Precinct Captain in Sun City Center. 

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